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From the start of conveyor belt production over 100years ago to the most modern, high performance, conveyor belts for use above and underground.

1904: Manufacture of the first Conveyor Belt.
The belt's tension carrier initially consisted of fabric made from cotton and rayon staple.

1956: Manufacture of the first steel-cord conveyor belt.

1973: Introduction of the PHOENOTEC® active protection system, consisting of synthetic individual cords.

1975: Delivery of the world's first self-extinguishing steel-cord conveyor belt, for use underground.

1979: The first PVG conveyor belt; with PVC-impregnated carcass and CR covers.

1981: First delivery of the world's heaviest conveyor belt; with a weight of 52 metric tons.

1986: Delivery of the world's strongest underground conveyor belt – PHOENOCORD® St 7500 – for Prosper Haniel mine.

1995: Delivery of the world's strongest generator-operated conveyor belt; with the highest dynamic splice fatigue strength worldwide. For the EI Abra copper mine.

1998: Delivery of 5,500 m of type St 4000 conveyor belt for the Pierina gold mine in Peru, situated at 4,200 m above sea level.
It is the steepest overland conveyor belt, with an inclination of 18°.

1999: Latest world record: delivery and assembly of the world's strongest conveyor belt – the PHOENOCORD® St 7800, for the Los Pelambres copper mine.

2003: Delivery of the heaviest conveyor belt reels worldwide for the highest elevated copper mine worldwide – Collahuasi. One conveyor belt reel type St 6300 weighs 58 t.

2015: After 19 years of continuous service and 900 Mt of conveyed copper ore, the PHOENOCORD® St 6800 at the El Abra copper mine was finally replaced.

History – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

History – Phoenix Conveyor Belt