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Phoenix serves the worldwide bulk handling industry from international production facilities with textile and steel cord conveyor belts. Technological achievements such as the PHOENOTEC® active belt protection system in combination with more than 100 years of experience in conveyor belt production make PHOENIX Conveyor Belts the first choice for highest reliability and efficiency.

Quality Assurance – Phoenix Conveyor Belt Systems GmbH

Quality Assurance

Extensive quality tests ensure the technological lead of PHOENIX Conveyor Belts.

Service – Phoenix Conveyor Belt Systems GmbH


Phoenix experts are already giving advice about detailed matters, during the planning of conveyor belt systems.

Conveyor Belt Splices – Phoenix Conveyor Belt Systems GmbH

Conveyor Belt Splices

Making belt splices demands special know-how, experience and cleanest conditions.

Production Line – Steel Cord Conveyor Belt – Phoenix Conveyor Belt Systems GmbH