PHOENOPIPE® Pipe Conveyor: A Tunnel Below the Road

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Lima, Peru: On the outskirts of the city is a cement plant located in the foothills of the Andes mountains. Previously, raw materials were transported by trucks to the plant from the port facility and finished product back to the port, a trip of 8 kilometers each way.

Traffic congestion, exhaust emissions and safety concerns through large residential and industrial sections of the city threatened to close the plant if a more environmentally friendly solution was not found. Representatives from the company and the city met to discuss a range of solutions until a viable outcome was resolved by parties on all sides.


A tunnel below the main street, with a curved conveyor belt carrying clinker from the plant to the port, while simultaneously transporting coal and limestone from the port to the plant.

The result has positively impacted Lima residents by significantly reducing traffic congestion along with air and noise pollution. The conveyor needed to accomplish this task is required to follow the road system through horizontal and vertical curves on a precise route.

This included three-dimensional curves the tightest of which had a radius of 300 meters. PHOENIX took this extremely difficult challenge and constructed a closed pipe belt specifically for this application with a 300 mm diameter.

The Longest Pipe Conveyor Belt – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

The unique construction of this 16.4 kilometer PHOENOPIPE® belt ensures optimal stability for a variety of loading conditions in the top and bottom runs and guarantees the belt remains safely closed in all conditions. The belts stability and maneuverability were rigorously tested prior to installation.

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The Longest Pipe Conveyor Belt – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

The Longest Pipe Conveyor Belt – Phoenix Conveyor Belt