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Conveyor systems are among the most efficient means of transportation. Solutions that were unthinkable just a few years ago are standard practice today thanks to new innovative research and development.

This is evident in the increasing number of companies that are using belt conveyors for their logistical needs. However, the more widespread this technology becomes, the greater are the challenges.

Belt conveyors are increasing the distances and volume of material that can be transported. This increases the demand for strong, efficient conveyor belts that can reliably operate 365 days per year under the most extreme operating conditions around the world.


PHOENIX has always been the pioneer and industry leader in the development and manufacture of conveyor belts. The company is recognized worldwide as a specialist in providing customized solutions for highly complex applications.

Its name is synonymous with quality, efficiency and longevity. The PHOENOCORD® St 10000 is an impressive example. The advantages in this new development is to further increase conveying distances and eliminating the need for additional transfer stations. This reduces the cost for additional drives, pulleys and other auxiliary equipment, while extending cover wear and ultimately belt life and availability. While belt splices have always been the natural weakest point, PHOENIX has developed a splice which meets the requirements for a belt of this magnitude.

The dynamic splice strength as per DIN 22110 for the PHOENOCORD® St 10000 has been successfully tested at the official facility at the University of Hanover.

The Fastest Conveyor Belt – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

The 2,000-mm-wide PHOENOCORD® St 10000 could hold the weight of seven Airbus A380 jumbo jets without tearing.

The Fastest Conveyor Belt – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

Megapulser –
for the dynamic testing of conveyor belt splices