PHOENOCORD® St 2500 – The Longest Conveyor Belt

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Located in a vast plain of northeast Bangladesh lies the Lafarge Surma cement factory. As the factory does not have its own source of limestone, the raw material must be procured from a mine in India several kilometers north.

An unprecedented cross-border agreement was closed by both countries to ensure limestone supply on an ongoing basis. Transport was not a viable option via rail or truck due to geography, extreme weather conditions and other environmental factors. The partners decided in 2000 to build a 17 kilometer long conveyor from the mine to the plant supported on trestles through extremely difficult terrain.


The belt designed by PHOENIX for this single flight conveyor is nearly 35 kilometers long and is the longest conveyor belt in the world.

It only has two drives, each at head (two motors) and tail (one motor), and no intermediate drives.

The conveyor transports 1.2 million tons per year utilizing 2 x 630 KW head drives and a 1 x 630 KW tail drive. The 800 mm wide PHOENOCORD® St 2500 belt has a high dynamic efficiency and low elongation, making it ideal for the application and terrain. The design requirements to meet thermal, chemical and environmental parameters ensure low maintenance and long life making it an economically sound solution.

Longest Conveyor Belt