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Cilegon is located in western Java approximately 120 kilometers from the capital of Jakarta. Here on the Sundra Strait, a large industrial complex arose in the late 1970’s.

Steel works and power plants were built at the Krakatau steel factory with rail systems, roads and pipe lines encompassing the landscape. The port facilities however, required a conveyor system with a particularly long life design.

The belts were subjected to high ultraviolet radiation, humidity and temperature exposure.


Economical, long life and durable are characteristics that set PHOENIX conveyor belts apart. PHOENIX developed a customized steel cord belt for this project that met all of the client’s specific requirements.

Since the material conveyed was not expected to cause any specific concerns, the belt was designed with 6 mm by 4 mm covers. Due to new developments in our compounding and manufacturing technology, the zinc-plated cords were completely filled with special core rubber to maximize carcass life.

The fact that the belts are still in service today is a testimony to the belts’ extreme longevity. First installed in the early 1970’s the belts are still in operation almost 40 years later.

Longevity – Economical, Long Life and Durable Conveyor Belts