Special MVF-A Cover Compound for Conveying Copper Ore

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Conveyor belts are exposed to massive forces and in some cases with high chemical stress. They have to be exceptionally durable and resistant to heat, cold and particularly to sharp, heavy abrasive material. Chemical exposure is especially critical in the processing of sulphide copper ore.

In addition, the high demands placed by conveying copper ore, sulphuric acid is often applied, coming directly in contact with the belt itself. This creates a unique problem in that sulphuric acid is extremely corrosive, requiring belts to be replaced after a short service life.


PHOENIX has developed a special MVF-A cover compound for conveying copper ore treated with sulphuric acid.

The MVF-A compound offers high resistance against abrasion and acid exposure. The result is that belts with MVF-A covers allow for ore treated with sulphuric acid to undergo a chemical reaction while being conveyed, eliminating an additional process.

The extended belt life realized with MVF-A covers as opposed to conventional compounds, increases the economic benefits when combined with the elimination of the additional process.

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