PHOENOCORD® St 6300 – Heaviest Conveyor Belt

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Tarapacá Region, Chile: Some 5000 meters above sea level in the Chilean Andes, the Collahuasi mine is the fourth largest copper mine on earth as well as one of the highest.

The ore is mined from 7.6 billion tons of rock and has a projected mine life of 50 years. The project required a high tension steel cord overland belt that could be delivered in the longest possible roll lengths in order to minimize splices onsite at almost 5000 meters on the Andean plateau.


PHOENIX undertook this technical and logistical challenge by supplying a PHOENOCORD® St 6300 in the longest roll lengths ever produced.

To meet the clients requirements for minimizing splices, belts were produced in 415 meter lengths and delivered on the largest belt reels in the world. The belt reels were 5.2 meters long, 4.2 meters high and weighed 58 tons. They were transported to the mine site on specially designed low loaders.

The Heaviest Conveyor Belt – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

A Correia Transportadora Mais Pesada – Phoenix Conveyor Belt