PHOENOCORD® St 2500 – Extreme Flexing Forces

Phoenix – Extreme Conveyor Belt Solutions


Germany: The world’s largest lignite producer, RWE, extracts one hundred thousand tons of coal daily from its surface mines in Germany.

In order to reach the coal, vast amounts of overburden are removed with the enormous excavators, and conveyed several kilometers to high speed spreaders. Here the overburden is utilized as backfill for environmental reclamation.


Moving millions of cubic meters of overburden daily on spreader conveyor belts running at 15 meters per second require exceptional design and production expertise. The PHOENOCORD® St 2500 is produced to specific tolerances with special core rubber and cable design to withstand the extreme flexing forces exerted by exceptionally high cycle times.

Thermally stable, flame resistant, antistatic cover compounds are utilized with PHOENOTEC® active belt protection to ensure optimal belt life. Engineered solutions for demanding service conditions.

The Fastest Conveyor Belt – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

The Fastest Conveyor Belt – Phoenix Conveyor Belt