PHOENOCORD® St 7800 – Highest Tension Belt

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Chile: High in the Andes approximately 200 kilometers from the capital of Santiago, millions of tons of copper ore are extracted annually from the Los Pelambres mine. The copper ore is mined at an elevation of 3200 meters above sea level and transported to the mill 1300 meters below.

Environmental conditions are extreme. Earthquakes, dramatic fluctuations in temperature and precipitation along with severe avalanche exposure in winter require transporting the ore via conveyor 12 kilometers through a tunnel.


The extreme slope and capacity demanded a new belt design never achieved before. The 1300 meter decrease in elevation required the highest strength for both carcass and splices.

In 1998, PHOENIX developed the PHOENOCORD® St 7800, the world’s strongest conveyor belt at the time and still the highest tension belt ever placed into service. The splices have a 54% dynamic splice efficiency officially certified in accordance with DIN 22110 by the Institute of Transportation and Automation Technology at University in Hanover, Germany.

The system was designed to convey 11,000 tons per hour at a speed of 6.8 meters per second, which corresponds to an annual production rate of nearly 100 million tons. The belt is reinforced with PHOENOTEC® transverse polyamide cords to provide additional protection from external damage, PHOENOCARE® SL rip detection and PHOENOCARE® SC splice monitoring technologies.

In addition to being the strongest, most highly engineered belt ever produced, it provides nearly 100 million KWh of electricity to power the mine and milling operations through its regenerative design.

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