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For many decades two types of textile conveyor belts have been conventionally used in underground mining. These were equipped with cover compounds made from PVC or rubber.

PVC was ideal for providing stabilization to the belt carcass but had limited abrasion resistance. Material stabilization on high incline conveyors and excessive wear to other components such as idlers was an ongoing problem. To minimize these deficiencies, the idea of combining the two components in order to optimize their properties took hold.

PVC was to be used to reinforce the solid woven belt carcass, and rubber covers were to be utilized to optimize the wear properties. What sounded promising in theory proved problematic in practice. Producing the two into a cohesive, durable product presented challenges.


PHOENIX utilized its extensive expertise in research and development to solve this problem in 1979. A special process was developed to bond PVC to rubber in a perfect symbiosis of the two materials.

The process has set a new benchmark in the belt manufacturing industry and has become a top global standard. PHOENIX’s UNIFLEX® PVG provides the highest level standard for performance, safety and economical operation for underground mining. All products are certified in accordance with DIN and other international quality standards.

The Strongest Underground Conveyor Belt – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

The Strongest Underground Conveyor Belt – Phoenix Conveyor Belt