Phoenix Conveyor Belts

Phoenix conveyor belts operate in a reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly manner around the world, in mechanical and plant engineering, as well as many other industries.

Phoenix steel cord belts are characterized by their excellent transport properties, even under severe stress. Hard-wearing Phoenix textile conveyor belts perform well even when faced with extreme gradients, sharp-edged goods or hot goods. Special products and conveyor belt monitoring systems complete the comprehensive range on offer.

Phoenix conveyor belts are individually tailored to their intended purpose. Already in the planning of belt conveyor systems, Phoenix application engineers provide advice to find an optimal solution.

Steel cord conveyor belts

  • PHOENOCORD® – The high-performance steel cord conveyor belt

Textile Conveyor Belts

Special conveyor belts

  • PHOENOFLEX® – Has a tensile member made of steel cords that are additionally interconnected with textile or steel threads, e.g. for transporting hot bitumen.
  • PHOENAMID® – With tensile members made of aramid cords, for special applications that demand a combination of low elongation, low weight, and high strength, e.g. on certain machine booms.
  • MAGMA® – High-temperature conveyor belt
  • PHOENOPIPE® – Closed conveyor belt
  • PHOENOTOP® – Cover belts, transversely rigid belts to protect the conveyed material in systems
  • S-Wall™ – represents the latest developments in steep angle conveying using the Sidewall Conveyor Belt System.

Conveyor belt protection systems

  • PHOENOTEC® – Reinforcement system in the cover: Polyamide cords offer protection against damage from high impact energy and slitting due to foreign bodies.
  • PHOENOCARE® SC – Splice monitoring system: Changes in splice length are measured
  • PHOENOCARE® SL – Monitoring sensors are fitted in front of and behind a critical area


PHOENOCORD® – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

PHOENOCORD® Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

DUOFLEX® and POLYFLEX® – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

Textile Conveyor Belts: DUOFLEX®

PHOENOPIPE® – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

Special Conveyor Belt: PHOENOPIPE®