Special Conveyor Belts

High-Temperature Conveyor Belts

The MAGMA® generation of conveyor belts was created in order to meet the growing requirements for heat-resistant conveyor belts. It is based on many years of experience with conveying hot bulk materials and practically oriented testing procedures. PHOENIX used the latest technology in the field of polymeric materials when developing the program of MAGMA® conveyor belts.

MAGMA® conveyor belts are used for a large number of conveyed materials like cement, slag, ash, moulding sand, etc.

MAGMA® ensures unproblematic transport at continuous temperatures of up to 200°C with short-term peaks that are considerably higher. MAGMA® conveyor belts can be supplied as single-ply, two-ply and multiply belts. MAGMA can also be used as a steel-cord belt for conveyance over great distances. The belt splices for MAGMA® can be made with PHOENIX splicing materials or with commercial quality materials that are sufficiently resistant to high temperatures.

MAGMA® – PHOENIX Conveyor Belt


MAGMA® Special Conveyor Belt – PHOENIX Conveyor Belt