Special Conveyor Belt

The Energy-Optimized Conveyor Belt

The advantages of the energy-saving PHOENOCORD® EOB conveyor belt result from the special viscoelastic properties of the running side cover. PHOENIX scientists have simulated the deformation of conveyor belts on idlers in elaborate FEM simulations.

It was established while doing so, that the greatest deformation occurs directly above the layer that runs over the carrying idler. External influential factors like weather and the system's condition must be considered when ascertaining the energy requirement. Transverse reinforcement on the running side enables further energy savings to be achieved.

Advantages of a PHOENOCORD® EOB

PHOENOCORD® EOB conveyor belts can reduce energy consumption up to 15% by means of their visco-elastic properties thanks to the special quality of covers. This is an important contribution to increasing the economic efficiency of continuously longer conveyor routes.

PHOENOCORD®EOB Advantages Special Conveyor Belt – PHOENIX Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt is deformed when running over the carrying rollers, which consumes energy. Bulges form in front of the carrying rollers.

PHOENOCORD®EOB Advantages Special Conveyor Belt – PHOENIX Conveyor Belt

The cover's EOB quality with special visco-elastic properties reduces this deformation and it helps to reduce the drive energy.

PHOENOCORD® EOB – PHOENIX Conveyor Belt – PHOENIX Conveyor Belt Systems GmbH