Vertical Conveyor Belts

As the holder of almost all world records in the field of conveyor belts PHOENIX Conveyor Belt Systems is now proudly presenting the next product for extreme applications. The newly designed PHOENOHOIST® was developed for high end vertical conveying in underground mines and the tunneling industry.

Technical Advantages of the PHOENOHOIST® technology in comparison to the traditional skip hoist system:

  • Less power consumption
  • Requires less space in the shaft
  • No mechanical parts in the shaft
  • Easier and faster installation
  • Smaller head frame construction
  • Lower maintenance cost

The belt consists of two PHOENOCORD® belt stripes which are connected by strong rubber covered cross traverses. The material is carried by fabric reinforced rubber buckets, which are mounted to the cross traverses. All three components are connected threaded joints which allow quick and easy installation.

As the material lays safe in the rubber buckets, the PHOENOCORD® belt stripes are only used to transfer the forces resulting from dead weight and carried material operating weight. Phoenix has always been pioneer in development, construction and supply of highest efficiency conveyor belts.

The main design criteria for the PHOENOHOIST® are customer’s demands on capacity and lift height. To satisfy all variations of these criterias PHOENIX Conveyor Belt Systems developed a modular system with four different widths of rubber buckets and cross traverses in combination with different types of PHOENOCRD® steel cord belts. Belt stripes of course can vary in width and strength.

PHOENOCORD® Performance

  • Smallest elongation with long conveyor routes
  • High breaking strength with highest capacity
  • Long working life with the lowest need for maintenance
  • Economical use above and below ground

PHOENOPIPE® cross traverse

PHOENOPIPE® rubber bucket

PHOENOPIPE® rubber bucket