Special Conveyor Belts

The Closed Conveyor Belt

PHOENOPIPE® conveyor belts are primarily used where bulk materials
must be conveyed along horizontal and vertical curves in confined spaces.
PHOENOPIPE®'s special capability of adapting to topography allows material to be conveyed through difficult terrain and over long distances.

PHOENOPIPE®'s important advantages are protection of the conveyed material from environmental influences like rain and wind as well as protection of the environment by avoiding discharge of the conveyed material such as ash from power stations and gypsum. Inclined angles of up to 35° can be unproblematically overcome by using PHOENOPIPE®. Cost reductions are possible by shortening the conveyor route and avoiding transfer stations.

Advantages of a closed Conveyor Belt

Closed conveyor belts are gaining increasing importance because they meet the growing requirements for a clean environment to a high degree. It is also possible to shorten the conveyor route, too.



PHOENOPIPE® Special Conveyor Belt – PHOENIX Conveyor Belt