Special Conveyor Belts

S-Wall™ Now Available from PHOENIX

S-Wall™ Now Available from PHOENIX

PHOENIX has expanded its product range to include the PHOENIX S-Wall™ sidewall belts.

Advantages S-Wall™ – PHOENIX Conveyor Belt


The extensive range of S-Wall™ Sidewall Conveyor Belts provides safe and economic steep angle conveying in all kinds of spaces.

Base Belts S-Wall™ – PHOENIX Conveyor Belt

Base Belts

The S-Wall™ system uses a range of cross-stabilised base belts manufactured in conjunction with PHOENIX.

Sidewalls S-Wall™ – PHOENIX Conveyor Belt


The S-Wall™ corrugated Sidewalls design ensures flexibility, abrasion resistance, vertical stability, smooth inner deflection around small radii and more.

Cleats S-Wall™ – PHOENIX Conveyor Belt


S-Wall™ moulded and extruded Cleats are available in various types to fit any conveyor configuration. Side Blinkers seal the connection with cross cleats.