Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

General Information

Phoenix has been the leading manufacturer of high-strength conveyor belts to meet demanding conditions of use, for decades.

History of the PHOENOCORD® Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

1956 Manufacture of the first Steel-Cord Conveyor Belt.
1975 Phoenix supplied the world's first self-extinguishing Conveyor Belt, type PHOENOCORD® St 4000.
1986 The world's strongest conveyor belt - with a proven breaking strength of 8,200 N/mm - was installed in the Prosper-Haniel mine by Phoenix. This 1,400 mm wide, PHOENOCORD® St 7500 could hold the weight of 3 Boeing 747s (Jumbo jets) without tearing.
1995 Phoenix supplied a 20 km long steel-cord conveyor belt for the El Abra copper mine. The delivery and commissioning of this 1,600 mm wide PHOENOCORD® St 6800 presented a challenge for man and material. A total of 56 splices were made under extreme climatic conditions in order to commission and endless splice the belt.
1999 Phoenix was again able to demonstrate its outstanding performance worldwide, for the highest strength conveyor belts. The 24 km long and 1,800 mm wide PHOENOCORD® St 7800 with PHOENOTEC® transverse reinforcement runs in a tunnel system of the Los Pelambres copper mine. Up to 25 MW of energy is generated by the downhill conveyance of the ore.
2003 Delivery of the heaviest conveyor belt reels worldwide for the highest elevated copper mine worldwide – Collahuasi. One conveyor belt reel type St 6300 weighs 58 t.
2015 After 19 years of continuous service and 900 Mt of conveyed copper ore, the PHOENOCORD® St 6800 at the El Abra copper mine was finally replaced.

Los Pelambres

PHOENOCORD® Los Pelambres – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

The feeding station is located at 3,200 m above sea level. The height-difference from the feeding station down into the valley is about 1,310 m.

PHOENOCORD® History – Phoenix Conveyor Belt