Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

General Information

Phoenix has been developing and fabricating steel-cord conveyor belts for more than 60 years already. A broad variety of steel-cord conveyor belts up to a width of 3,200 mm and individual lengths weighing up to 60 metric tons per unit are manufactured on the basis of a huge number of materials. Decades of knowledge and experience are used to develop a large number of new belt constructions to meet the growing requirements.

The criteria to be considered are: high dynamic efficiency; resistance to rotting and corrosion; low elongation; meeting the fire-protection and electrostatic safety requirements; thermal stability and chemical resistance.

PHOENOCORD® Performance

  • smallest elongation with long conveyor routes
  • high breaking strength with highest capacity
  • long working life with the lowest need for maintenance
  • economical use above and below ground

PHOENOCORD® – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

PHOENOCORD® 1800 / St 7800-19T/10 X

PHOENOCORD® cutaway – Phoenix Conveyor Belt