Textile Conveyor Belt


PHOENIX Conveyor Belts are designed for the respective application. Our application engineers are already advising the customer during the planning of conveyor belt systems, in order to find an optimum solution.

Phoenix manufactures a huge number of standard conveyor belts besides steel tension carriers and special conveyor belts. The covers consist of an abrasion-resistant rubber quality, with high values for strength and elongation.

PHOENIX Conveyor Belts usually have solid rubber edges. Phoenix offers PHOENOTEC® synthetic cord transverse reinforcement to the user as an active protection system against extreme impacts. The belts are endless jointed by means of well-known splicing systems. Splicing materials of acclaimed, specialized companies can be used as well.

Advantages of all Phoenix Conveyor Belt Types

PHOENIX Conveyor Belts are supplied in various grades of covers, which are adapted to special requirements and conditions of use such as:

  • fire-protection safety
  • resistance to aggressive transported materials like chemical mediums, fats and oils
  • extreme abrasion resistance with highly abrasive bulk materials

DUOFLEX® – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

DUOFLEX® Two-ply belt with intermediate rubber

DUOFLEX® cutaway – Phoenix Conveyor Belt