Textile Conveyor Belt


A generation of conveyor belts for high-performance conveyance in underground coal mines. With high fire-protection safety.

Phoenix had already begun to develop self-extinguishing textile conveyor belts with solid woven tension carriers and rubber covers for a wide range of strengths during the 1970s. The PVC plastomer and the CR elastomer were used as basic materials. A new generation of belts was created, which are distinguished by the following features.

Features and Advantages

  • Durability by means of high abrasion resistance
  • Dynamically efficient fatigue-resistant splices by means of vulcanization or mechanical fastening
  • High static and dynamic tear-off resistance of the tension carrier
  • Resistance to ageing and moisture
  • High fire-protection safety and low surface resistance

The UNIFLEX® PVG conveyor belt is constructed from unconventional materials and it represents one of the most interesting developments of conveyor belts. In this respect UNIFLEX® conveyor belts have passed their test of suitability and they are now given priority in fields of application which were formerly reserved for steel-cord conveyor belts only.




UNIFLEX® cutaway PVG – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

UNIFLEX® PVG Phoenix achieved the first official approval worldwide for this type of belt in the year 1979. The palette of conveyor belts was to a minimum belt breaking strength of 3,150 N/mm. This type of conveyor belt was also considered within the scope of standardization, almost one decade after the Phoenix Uniflex had been developed.


UNIFLEX® cutaway PVC – Phoenix Conveyor Belt

UNIFLEX® PVC conveyor belts consist of a PVC impregnated solid woven traction carrier and PVC covers. UNIFLEX® PVC conveyor belts are ideally suited for rough usage below ground, and they meet the strictest safety regulations for fire-protection.

UNIFLEX® – Phoenix Conveyor Belt